Ways To Decorate Your Cabin On A Budget

Whether you have a quaint cabin by the lake or a rustic little home deep in the woods, you can decorate it to reflect its natural surroundings without spending a lot of money. When it comes to sprucing up your relaxing retreat, use elements of nature to help create your own personal space. 

One advantage to using nature-inspired pieces is that you can find a lot of them for free, and then use inexpensive craft items to give them your own special touch. You can also use second-hand items from flea markets and vintage stores to add to the comfortable, casual feel of the cabin.

Here are some ideas for decorating your cabin without breaking the bank:

1. Textiles

If you have an older, yet, comfy, couch in your cabin's living room, you can breathe new life into it with soft, decorative textiles. For instance, update a tired neutral-hued sofa or chair with throw pillows featuring pine cone, bear, tree, bird, flower or any other nature-inspired designs. Not only will the pillows provide comfort while you relax, they also add a bit of interest and color to the space.

As a wallet-friendly option, you can update old pillows you no longer use by simply replacing the covers, rather than buy new ones. The covers may only cost half of what complete pillows do.

You can also drape a matching throw blanket over the back or arm of the couch as a finishing touch. If you're crafty, consider making the warm, cozy blanket yourself to save even more money.

As another idea, you can add warmth to cold wooden cabin floors with rugs featuring tribal or organic prints. Place a rug in the center of the living room or under a bed as a focal point.

2. Wall Decor 

While your cabin's knotty pine walls may be attractive on their own, you can always jazz them up a bit with some wall hangings or decorative shelving. Hang a whimsical hand-painted "welcome to the cabin" sign above the door, and group several vintage frames filled with family vacation photos and favorite paintings above the fireplace.

You can also install decorative wrought iron wall sconces behind a couch or above a bed to add both illumination and a rustic touch to the space. 

3.Table Centerpieces 

One way to personalize a rough-hewn wood table in your cabin's dining room is with an eye-catching centerpiece. Fill up tall, clear glass vases with pine cones or colorful leaves in the fall, or with handfuls of just-picked wildflower in the spring and summer.

You can also glue twigs around glass candler holders and fill them with LED lights to give the table a soft glow.