3 Great Strategies For Personalizing Your Home Interior

Have you ever walked into someone's home for the first time and had the feeling that you'd been there before? That feeling may be caused by mass-manufactured decor -- you know, the kind that you see available for sale at many modern retail outlets. Although many of these items are attractive and well-made, some people prefer to create a more individualized look in their home environment. Following are just three of the many ways that adventurous homeowners can add a unique accent to their home interiors. 

Take a Furniture Building Class

If you're even remotely handy with a hammer and nails, you can learn to build rudimentary furniture such as basic tables and chairs by taking a class at your local community college. Unique items crafted with reclaimed wood are all the rage now, and they are showing every sign of evolving from a trend into a classic. Reclaimed wood also makes great shelving and headboards, and if you're artistic, you can use it in place of canvas to paint watercolors. 

Get an Embroidery Machine

If you love the look of hand-embroidered items but simply don't have the time or the patience to create them yourself, you should consider purchasing an embroidery machine. You'll be able to create embroidered wall hangings to use as home decor in place of more traditional items. You can also use your embroidery machine to embellish everyday household items such as dish towels, pillowcases and sheets, curtains, and tablecloths. You'll be able to find plenty of scenes designs for embroidery machines, and after you become good at it, you may even be able to create your own designs -- and who knows, you may even go on to create unique clothing for yourself and family and friends with your embroidery machine. 

Attend Saturday Markets

Saturday markets are excellent resources for those seeking to find unique home decor items. You won't have to worry about getting that mass-produced look from Saturday market vendors -- they're artisans who produce handcrafted items in small batches. You can find paintings, fabric art, basketry, ceramics, dried flower arrangements, and many other home decor items at a typical Saturday market. These markets also provide a fun way to engage with your community -- you'll find music, theater, and food as well as household items for sale. And who knows -- perhaps you'll unleash your inner artisan after buying an embroidery machine and join the ranks of the vendors!